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These drums are made of high density or low density polyethylene with non-fade fluorescent orange for long lasting visibility.

Trailboss Channelizer Drum 

  • Rounded Ergonomic Handle for easy access with a comfortable grip
  • Double Light Mounts on handle for added convenience
  • Ribbed Bottom Lip for easy base attachment
  • Two-Piece Top & Base Design allows dragging without base & drum separation
  • Two-Piece Breakaway Feature allows controlled separation on impact 
  • UV Stabilized Bright Orange Polyethylene protects from sun damage
  • Available in HDPE and LDPE
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Recycled Tire Ring Base or snap on base - both are economical, easy to use and provides all the ballast you'll need to hold a drum in place. 

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Traffix Drums 

  • Drum is a minimum of 18" wide throughout its 36" height, regardless of orientation. 
  • Tapered design allows stacking with or without barricade lights for easy handling and storage
  • Drum and base remain "snapped together" until impacted or separated for transportation and storage
  • Built-in carrying and dragging handle
  • Two mounting holes for optional barricade lights
  • Bright orange color molded throughout drum - UV inhibitors minimize fading
  • NTPEP tested-meets or exceeds MUTCD specifications
  • Retaining lip and flange for added strength during impact
***Call or email for pricing on quantities over 25 units***

100% recycled rubber base for increased durability and "gription" which resists movement from passing vehicles

From $42.00
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