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Wide Body Cones with Black Base 

Model                        Price               Weight                                           Description
03-10-WAYDC         $16.75              15 lbs.                    Sundowner, LED, Amber - w/photocell
* 03-10-310              $14.75              15 lbs.             LED, Amber Bi-Directional w/photocell

03-10-SBLG             $27.50              10 lbs.             Solar - LED Amber Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                              [20,000 hour rechargable battery life]
03-10-RSBLG          $27.75              10 lbs.             Solar - LED Red Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                                       [20,000 hour rechargable battery life]
03-10-3WAYDC       $15.75              15 lbs.             LED, Amber Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                                        Uses D-Cell Batteries (Not included)
03-10-3WRYDC      $16.50              15 lbs.             LED, Red Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                                            Uses D-Cell Batteries (not included)
03-10-BLAYDC       $28.75               15 lbs.             LED, Type B (w/hood) - Amber w/out photocell                                                                                           Uses D-Cell Batteries (not included)
03-10-BLRYDC       $29.50               15 lbs.             LED, Type B (w/hood) - Red w/out photocell                                                                                              Uses D-Cell Batteries (not included)
03-10-3WAY6V        $15.95              15 lbs.            Incandescent, Amber Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                         Uses 6-Volt Batteries (not included)
03-10-3WRY6V       $15.50               15 lbs.           Incandescent, Red Bi-Directional w/photocell                                                                                             Uses 6-Volt Batteries (not included)       

03-10-BLAY6V         $25.50               15 lbs.           Incandescent, Type B (w/hood) - w/outphotocell                                                                                     Uses 6-Volt Batteries (not included)
03-10-BLRY6V         $26.00               15 lbs.           Incandescent, Red - Type B (w/hood), w/out                                                                                           photocell - Uses 6-Volt Batteries (not included)


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